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CALL US AT: (208) 372-8725
Helping Trucking Companies get set up right and remain compliant to reduce liability, exposure and risk

What Does IFTA Stand For and How Does It Work?
Friday, December 14, 2018 9:51 AM
I know what IFTA stands for but I want to hear you say it:
International Fuel Tax Agreement
Right… And what is it exactly?
The states realized that they were making things super difficult for trucking companies to drive through different states. There was a lot of time and money wasted while truckers went out of their way to get a fuel permit for every state they passed through. So most of the states said "we can do better" and created a mutual agreement between themselves. More and more states joined in and when some provinces in Canada decided they wanted to be a part too, it officially became an international fuel tax agreement.
Uh-huh that still didn't really explain what the agreement is all about:
Well every state having their own fuel tax makes things really difficult. It allowed trucks to only fill up their tanks in states with low fuel taxes. Then they drive through all the high fuel tax states without spending any money. That didn’t work well because all the states need their fair share of tax money to keep their roads looking good. The agreement makes it so that every state gets their correct share of fuel taxes based on how much you drove through their state. 
I think I'm getting it but I could use some examples:
Alright let's say you fill up your truck in Arizona where the fuel tax is low. Then you drive straight through California where the fuel tax is high. Instead of worrying about that when you're going about your daily driving and business, everything is calculated up in a quarterly report. If you filled up in cheaper states and drove through more expensive ones, you'll end up owing more money when you file your quarterly report. If, however, you drove through cheaper states and filled up at the more expensive ones, you'll be refunded money.
Sweet I get what it is. Does IFTA affect me?
Do you travel in more than two states or Canadian provinces? Does your vehicle weigh more than 26,000 pounds or have three or more axles? If you answered yes to both then yes it affects you. And you should get yourself an IFTA license and get IFTA stickers for each of your vehicles that qualify.
So… this sounds like a lot of work. Can't I just pay someone to file IFTA for me?
You're exactly right. IFTA filing is a lot of work and can take precious time away from actually running your company and making a profit. You can sign up with Thurcorp and their experts will take care of all your IFTA filing needs so you never even have to think about it. Email to learn just how much they can do for you and get the peace of mind you need to run a successful trucking company.

How Many Hours Can a Truck Driver Drive?
Friday, December 14, 2018
How Many Hours Can a Truck Driver Drive Image
If you're asking this question you've no doubt realized by now that it's a much more tricky question than it seems. But let's go ahead and try to answer it for you anyway...
Thursday, January 3, 2019
How to Get a DOT Number Image
Your DOT number is a number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) which identifies your company as having one or more trucks that fall under FMCSA regulations…
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