Helping Trucking Companies get set up right and remain compliant to reduce liability, exposure and risk
CALL US AT: (208) 372-8725
CALL US AT: (208) 372-8725
Helping Trucking Companies get set up right and remain compliant to reduce liability, exposure and risk

Here at Thurcorp, we can help you with all of your trucking compliance needs. The trucking world is a complicated place and is filled with rules, regulations, filing fees, operating authority, and so forth. Trust us, you don’t want to get into it without a guide! That’s where Thurcorp comes in. Thurcorp is in the business of providing compliance consulting, fleet management and reporting services for companies with trucks regulated by the United States Department of Transportation (“USDOT”). Let us help you with all of your trucking compliance needs. You’ll be glad you did.
  • ​Periodic Record of Duty Status, guidance and training
  • ​Maintain required accident register
  • ​Will also work to keep non-recordable accidents off client’s federal record
  • ​Maintain accident files as required by regulations
  • ​Violation monitoring
  • ​Regular reporting of safety scores
  • ​Periodic detailed review information regarding violations and violators
  • ​Provide periodic summary of violation areas of concern
  • ​ Assist in removal of non-recordable crashes
  • ​Maintain vehicle maintenance files
  • ​Keep copies of required documents current as provided by client
  • ​Provide copies to client as requested
  • ​Obtain annual MCS-90 form and keep on file
  • ​Work with client to ensure truck/trailer  annual vehicle inspections are being done  timely and filing copies of those inspections and report the expiration of these things monthly to client
  • ​Provide guidance on compliance with daily vehicle inspections
  • ​Maintain driver qualification files
  • ​Run and report to client the annual MVRs for current drivers and MVRs for new drivers
  • ​Maintain drug testing information as Client provides
  • ​Provide a means for drivers to complete yearly for file maintenance
  • ​Provide driver qualification review for new drivers
  • ​Review Federal Motor Carrier driver history (if desired by Client)
  • ​Update and keep current CDL expirations and medical card expirations and report this monthly to Client
DOT assistance
  • ​Work to resolve DOT issues
  • ​Assist in helping insurance resolve DOT issues
  • ​Assist in filing Data Qs to remove incorrect violations or accidents
  • ​Assist in the preparation and passing of safety audits
  • ​Assist in compliance reviews
  • ​Assist in IFTA/registration audits
  • ​Assist in DOT reinstatements for interstate DOT numbers or operating authority
  • ​Assist in the transfer of operating authority
  • ​Assist in preparing and filing corrective action plans for failed safety audits
  • ​Assist in rating upgrade requests for unsatisfactory or conditional compliance review ratings
  • ​Complete the annual UCR filing
  • ​Complete the annual federal hazmat filings (if required)
  • ​Complete the annual IFTA renewal
  • ​Submit required MCS-150 updates
  • ​Prepare and file quarterly and monthly IFTA and/or required state miles filings
  • ​Prepare and submit quarterly over legal filings
  • ​Annual truck/trailer registrations renewals
  • ​Register new trucks and trailers
  • ​Register new trailers
Business Organization
  • ​Set up LLCs or corporations
  • ​Obtain tax identification numbers
  • ​Provide cursory overview of business structures and summary of required business compliance steps
  • ​Annual state filing updates as provided by Client
  • ​Updates to business filing information
Titles and new fleet set up
  • ​Assist in getting vehicles titled properly
  • ​Adding lienholders to titles
  • ​Set up initial registration
  • ​Set up initial IFTA
  • ​Education on how registrations and IFTA work and the required steps to comply
Heavy Vehicle 
Use Tax
  • ​Annual HVUT filing
  • ​HVUT corrections
  • ​Assist in removal of first time late filing penalties
  • ​Thurcorp is qualified to assist in many areas.  Clients are welcome to ask for help.  If we can help, we will.  If we can't, we can probably point you in the right direction.
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